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Nuvac Group of Companies has excelled in every field with travel and tourism to top the list. The company is home to a subsidiary company, Yathir, a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry around the globe. We learn the interests of our travellers to provide them with trips to the perfect destinations that they desire. With the flexible itineraries, provisions to explore, safe and secure trip management and locally-based guides in every destination, we ensure that you adore your moments to the ultimate.

Yathir Tourism

Travel is an element that becomes productive only with an end to end planning and scheduling by an expert. Yathir is a leading destination management company that provides world-class travel management services. Travelling is the best medicine to kill the monotonous lifestyle bringing in miracles every moment. Travel is not a simple task. It requires proper scheduling, right from creating a tour package to arranging stays to organising transportation and finding an ideal travel guide at the destination. The team of Yathir are expertise in providing hospital services that ensure care in every detail employed to make a trip a red-lettered one. With specialist itineraries to suit different travel destinations and motives, you can count on us to provide meticulous planning and outstanding services needed to make your trip a forever memory.

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