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Nuvac Global Service acquired its recognition in the public sector department with its excellence in fire protection and safety services. Established in 2019, the Nuvac Electromechanical is one of the progressive firms dedicated to Fire Fighting Equipments and Consulting Services.

With high-standard engineering technology expertise and substantial quality of work, Nuvac has gained a stable reputation among construction firms within a short period.

Nuvac Electromechanical

Over the experience of 150+ projects in the UAE, Nuvac Electromechanical provides passive fire protection systems to engineered structures ensuring efficient manufacture and maintenance that is virtually impact-free and delivers the desired function. Specialized in fire-stopping and expansion joints, Nuvac EMC is productive in implementing advanced fire prevention solutions to ensure the eternal smile on the faces of the people residing in the building. With quality as the main agenda, every product from Nuvac EMC is ISO marked to ensure safety, security and protection that cares to human beings and their hard-earned assets. Electrical safety is the key to fire safety. With proficient engineering technology and spontaneous quality of work, our services have been accredited internationally.

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