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Nuvac Global Trading LLC

Nuvac Global Trading company LLC is a pioneer company in Abu Dhabi well known for its contribution to General Trading and Hand Tools. The company was established in 2019 to create, secure and maintain a perfect business management structure. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality serving methodology, the company gained international recognition effortlessly.

Nuvac Global Trading has built the trust of its customers by supplying and stocking products related to hand tools, engineering, electrical, safety, plumbing, fire fighting, HVAC and Sanitary Industries. Nuvac aims for a better future with perfect development in the present. The permanent development of business relationships at Nuvac with resolute and never-ending business opportunities with our clients mark its growth.

Haute Coffre

Haute Coffre is a subsidiary venture of Nuvac Group of Companies, renowned as a flexible packaging manufactures in the Middle East. Our creative innovation in customised packaging and labelling have helped our client companies soar to a recognition that they have never envisaged. With International brands as our customers, we are ardent in ensuring the quality of our products. Quality is never an effortless task; instead, it is an ardent outcome of high intention, sincere efforts, judicious directions and proficient execution.

The airtight containers from Haute Coffre are ideal for bacteria-free food packaging and longevity. The wide selection we offer ranges from disposable products, foil packs, packing boxes, tablewares, paper bags and any other package products of your choice. The best part of our products is, we can customise them to meet the brand requirements of our clients with a perfect wrap up having the company name imprinted on it.

Nuvac Electromechanical

Over the experience of 150+ projects in the UAE, Nuvac Electromechanical provides passive fire protection systems to engineered structures ensuring efficient manufacture and maintenance that is virtually impact-free and delivers the desired function. Specialized in fire-stopping and expansion joints, Nuvac EMC is productive in implementing advanced fire prevention solutions to ensure the eternal smile on the faces of the people residing in the building. With quality as the main agenda, every product from Nuvac EMC is ISO marked to ensure safety, security and protection that cares to human beings and their hard-earned assets. Electrical safety is the key to fire safety. With proficient engineering technology and spontaneous quality of work, our services have been accredited internationally.

Yathir Tourism

Travel is an element that becomes productive only with an end to end planning and scheduling by an expert. Yathir is a leading destination management company that provides world-class travel management services. Travelling is the best medicine to kill the monotonous lifestyle bringing in miracles every moment. Travel is not a simple task. It requires proper scheduling, right from creating a tour package to arranging stays to organising transportation and finding an ideal travel guide at the destination. The team of Yathir are expertise in providing hospital services that ensure care in every detail employed to make a trip a red-lettered one. With specialist itineraries to suit different travel destinations and motives, you can count on us to provide meticulous planning and outstanding services needed to make your trip a forever memory.

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