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The Innovative Project

At Nuvac Group of Companies, innovation is our passion. This passion has helped us in establishing a trustworthy conglomerate company with exquisite efficiencies in record times. Over the years, we have earned admirable recognition with our project execution and management.

Nuvac has set a benchmark in many industries including trading, construction, technology and services. With the integration of planning and executing to maximise value addition, each subsidiary company has established itself as a renowned business in the particular sector.

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Building a Sustainable Business

NUVAC aims in developing a purpose-led business looking into the future with a sustainable concept. From its very birth, NUVAC cherished the idea that a business company should have a purpose beyond profits. Looking back to our origin, we realise from our history that the reputation we hold now is powered by our ideas and values for a sustainable future. We emphasise the idea that caring for every stakeholder is the perfect representation for a successful business.

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